The First Step of a Journey

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The First Step of a Journey
This post featured on my first blog but gives some background on what I wanted to achieve through blogging


Hi! My name is Nicholas and welcome to my blog. At the time of writing I am an IT and Commerce student working part time as a security engineer. Within technology I am interested in security, networking and back-end services. My go to language is Python and when that doesn't work I generally drop down into C. I spend my spare time outdoors doing hiking and other adventurous related activities or doing the complete opposite and playing computer games.


Well, you already know this is a blog, but what is it going to contain? For the most part, this blog will contain technical articles on a variety of topics and requiring various levels of skill. It may also contain various opinion pieces on topics that might come up time to time.


No schedule. I'll post stuff when it's ready and when I have something worth talking about.


Writing a blog is something that I've wanted to do for a number of years now but never really had the motivation or any idea on what to talk about. Of course with age comes experience and perhaps my experiences will one day be useful to someone else. That said, I'm going to be unapologetic and say that this blog is primarily for me.

This blog is primarily a learning platform in that I've been building (and will continue to build) it myself. Getting it to the point in which I can upload posts and have them viewed online has been an awesome learning experience in itself. I have specifically chosen flask to build this blog as it has no batteries included which is forcing me to put into practice many of the concepts I have learnt through university and work.

This blog also serves to improve my communication skills. I am a big believer that you do not really understand something until you can explain it to another person. Hopefully over time my written communication skills will improve just through sheer practice.
By writing and placing the product into a public place it also opens me to feedback from peers. This gives me a chance to learn further by being challenged by others whilst also having my understanding confirmed or corrected by others. This applies to both technical and non-technical subjects.

Finally this blog will serve as a point of reference for topics that I may regularly need to reference or communicate to others. It becomes a publicly reviewed "here's one I prepared earlier" that I can access anywhere in the world.


Learning. Lots of learning. Writing, researching, coding, experimenting and discussions that may eventuate from any post.